About Us

Who we are, where we come from, and where we're going

Our Values

In a way, all Christian churches share the same mission, but what are the characteristics that we’ve identified to be at the heart of Heritage?

Our Vision

How do we live out our values? What does it look like to be active, devoted followers of Jesus?

Our History

God put a vision on Jim Glynn’s heart in March of 1993 and shortly after, the church was launched  in a living room in Capistrano Beach.

Our Beliefs

Know what we believe about the Bible and where we stand on theological issues.

Our Leadership


We are led by a team of elders who, working together in mutual submission, have been anointed for the task of leading His church.


Deacons are servant-hearted leaders who support the elders and often help with the practical aspects of church life.


Our staff is comprised of dedicated men and women who help manage and facilitate all that goes on within the church.