About Us

Experience the Presence of God and the Power of Family

Our vision is to foster encounters with God’s presence, because when you encounter His presence— through His word, the Holy Spirit, and the love of His Son— everything changes. His presence brings hope, healing, purpose, and restoration.

We all know how powerful family is— for better or for worse, we’ve all been shaped by our families. At Heritage, we’re committed to building a healthy family, where people of all generations and backgrounds are welcomed and loved. As our name indicates, one of our greatest passions is passing our faith on to the next generation, raising up those who come after us and caring for those who’ve come before us.

Altogether, our services are usually about an hour and a half. Please join us in our cozy, living-room style lobby before and after the service for coffee, pastries, and a chance to connect!

Essential Messages

Get to know more about what we believe and the kind of church we want to be by listening to the following key sermon:


God put a vision on Jim Glynn’s heart in March of 1993 and shortly after, the church was launched in a living room in Capistrano Beach.

Our Leadership

To understand true biblical leadership, we need to understand that leaders are called to serve and give their lives for those in their care (2 Cor. 1:24; etc.). The best example we have is that of Jesus Himself.


Our elders are not just a policy-making board of directors. Their mission is to represent Christ and lay down their lives for the church, as He did, by working together to serve, lead, and guide the church.

Our elders understand that Heritage does not belong to its leaders, but to Christ, and that it is He who builds His church (Matt. 16:18).


Our staff is comprised of servant-hearted men and women who help to facilitate our ministries. While our elders direct the church spiritually, our staff directs the practical elements. Though their work is often in the operations, they are also disciple-makers, deeply involved in the pastoral care of the congregation.

What We Believe

Know what we believe about the Bible and where we stand on theological issues.

Apostolic Partnership

Heritage is apart of Four12, a partnership of churches around the world working together to equip, restore, and advance the church that Jesus Himself is building. The name Four12 comes from Ephesians 4:12 ESV; which tells us that Christ gave gifts to the church “to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ.”

The aim of Four12 is to model authentic New Testament Christianity. In the early church, we don’t see churches operating independently and autonomously, but local congregations worked together in partnership with apostolic leaders. We believe that we’re not meant to be on our own, but that when we rely on each other as the body of Christ for support, accountability, resources and training, we are better enabled to fulfill our calling to build a healthy church and reach the nations for Jesus. In connecting hearts with other believers, we get to build genuine relationships, while also benefitting from receiving the gifts that they carry. 

For more information on why we’ve chosen to partner with Four12, click here