Your Family is a Cornerstone!

Your Family is a Cornerstone!

Your family is a cornerstone in today’s society! Healthy families create healthy communities. We are committed to teaching and living out the powerful message that Jesus is the answer. Acting in partnership with you, our goal is to help you teach your children what it’s like to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We provide a safe and healthy environment to learn about things that are relevant and fun for kids. This includes not only Heritage Kids but other events during the summer such as “Surf Camp” (learn to surf), “The Way Adventure” (day camp with purpose of establishing a Biblical worldview) and “Family Camp” (church wide weekend camping trip in the local mountains).

You also receive a weekly email with printable materials outlining what is being taught in Sunday School so you are informed of what’s being taught and reinforce the lesson at home. You’ll receive activities for the children and discussion items for you to use at mealtimes, in the car, and at bedtime. The goal is to encourage your children to make their faith an active part of everyday life.

Heritage Kids is available at both services 8:30 am & 10:30 am

All children (except babies and toddlers up to age 3) join parents for the first half-hour of the service during worship. After worship  parents accompany their children to room 101 checking them into their appropriate classrooms. Ushers are available to direct you to room 101. There is also a “cry room” available for parents that want to stay with their children during the entire service.

An awesome God children can trust no matter what happens.
A trusted source that believes in a Christian Worldview just like they do.
A voice of encouragement to help parents succeed with raising children utilizing Biblical principles.
A source of reason to guide children in making wise choices.
A support system for parents to help them know where their kids are spiritually.

Each week’s lesson includes three elements –

  1. Monthly Virtue (character trait exhibited by Jesus)
  2. Monthly Bible verse (that centers on the virtue)
  3. Weekly Bible stories (that describe and model the virtue).
Care for babies up through age 3 is available during the entire church service, staffed by loving parents and caregivers. Bring your little ones any time during the service for care. Babies and toddlers remain in their classrooms throughout the service; 2- and 3-year-olds must be signed in by a parent and will participate in our small group setting as described above.
In our preschool program (2-5 years old), we want to build a foundation for our children’s faith by taking a first look at an amazing God. We want them to know the following 3 basic truths:
•    God made them
•    God loves them
•    Jesus wants to be their friend forever

Children learn more in the first 5 years of their lives than they will at any other time thereafter. These are years of firsts; first steps, first words. We want our children to have their first encounters with God as well.

Our elementary school program is built around three basic truths, woven into the curriculum each month. These truths were modeled by Jesus in Luke 2:52. “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.” The curriculum focuses on a monthly virtue (character trait exhibited by Jesus), a monthly Bible verse and weekly Bible stories (that describe and model the virtue).
Children 4 years – 5/6th grade enjoy the worship time in the church service with their parents. After worship the children are dismissed to their classrooms. Parents of children 4 years old – 1st grade must sign children in/out of classrooms. Sixth graders can attend either the 4th through 5/6th grade class or the Middle School program. The program meets on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays of the month. On the 1st and 3rd Sundays, they remain in church with the adults.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Children’s Ministry personnel listed below.

Kristen Lukefahr, Children’s Director
(949) 361-1022 x 25

Sarah Seavey, Children’s Ministry Assistant
(949) 361-1022 x 17