Heritage Kids


We are so glad you want to invest in your child’s future! Our aim on Sunday mornings is for kids to get to know God, discover the Bible, and encounter the Holy Spirit. And we do it all in a safe environment, where they can make friends and have fun! We want to disciple our kids and raise them in such a way that their faith stands.

This Summer

After spending the majority of the school year learning about characters and stories from the Old Testament, this summer we are getting to know Jesus! We’re spending time in Jesus’s early life and the building of his ministry, and next month we’ll move into some of his key messages. Specifically, we’re going to look at interactions and parables where Jesus shows us how to love each other.


Kids in K-5th grade join us for worship at the beginning of the service. We love getting to instill the value of worship in our families and to praise God alongside our kids. Children 5 years old and under are either welcome to join us in worship or to go straight to their classrooms.

Parents with their infants are welcome to check them in to the nursery, or to watch the service from Room 200 upstairs. There is also a private section especially for nursing mothers.

Getting Started

All children need to be checked in at our station in the lobby, ideally before the service starts. Kids in K-5th grade join us for worship at the beginning of the service, and we love getting to instill the value of this in our kids and to praise alongside them. Preschoolers are either welcome to join us in worship or to go straight to their classrooms.

Each child will receive a personalized security sticker with a corresponding Guardian sticker. Please keep your Guardian sticker to check-out your child at the end of the service.  You can also use our Church App to check your kids in hassle-free!


KIDStory relies on Jesus’ method of teaching— telling stories, interactive experiences, and meaningful discussions. We want to create environments where children learn who God is, who they are (their purpose and value), and how to have a relationship with Jesus that is real and personal. We encourage not simply learning facts and lessons, but for each child to hear and respond to what the Holy Spirit is telling them. We want to activate heads (learning), hearts (feelings), and hands (action).

Our kids are learning that the Bible is true and how to relay it themselves, so you can partner with us by asking them to tell you what happened in the Bible story they learned that week!


When you serve in Kids Ministry, you are investing in the most precious resource we have— the next generation. We have a nursery for babies under 2, preschool for kids between 2-5 years old, and an elementary school class for K-5th graders where you can be a part of what God is doing in the hearts of these kids.