What Can I Expect?

Just inside our front door, you’ll run into someone greeting you with a warm welcome and handing out the day’s bulletin. Once seated in the sanctuary, take a moment to look inside your bulletin to see what’s happening around the church.

The first part of the service we worship the Lord together (kids included) by singing contemporary worship songs, (yep, adults singing songs, out loud.)

You are free to sit or stand – whatever is comfortable for you. You’ll probably see people raising their hands, or perhaps kneeling as they worship. These are simply outward expressions of a heart of worship of a really great God!

After worship we usually dismiss the kids to their Heritage Kids classrooms. There will be teachers in the lobby to help direct your child where to go.

During the second part of the service we dive in to the message for the day. Often after a message we have the opportunity for the individuals to respond, sometimes by coming to the front.

Don’t be afraid to come up, or… you can simply remain in your seat.

The main thing is, if God is speaking to your heart, respond to Him.

And that’s it! We’d love for you to stop by for a visit.

If you want to talk with someone about visiting us, you can use our contact form, or feel free to call 949.361.1022. We’d love to talk with you!