We’re asking our entire church family to join together in united prayer and fasting for 21 days, from January 1 to January 21. We’re suggesting the following four different types of fasting. Your personal fast should present a level of challenge, but it is very important to know your own body and to seek God in prayer and follow what the Holy Spirit leads you to do. Remember, it is the attitude of a heart sincerely seeking Him to which God responds with a blessing (Isaiah 58). May God greatly bless you as you fast!

  • Complete Fast: This fast calls for drinking only liquids, typically water, with juice as an option.
  • Daniel Fast: A Daniel Fast is a type of selective fast, removing certain elements from your diet. For this fast, we’re suggesting removing meat, sweets and alcohol from your diet (see Daniel 1:8).
  • Partial Fast: A partial fast, sometimes called a Jewish Fast, calls for abstaining from food for a specific part of each day. This might be from sunup to sundown, or 6 am to 3 pm, or something suitable for you.
  • Media Fast: This fast is good for those who have health issues that prevent the fasting of food, or those who wish to refocus certain areas of their life that are out of balance. This is also a good fast to combine with one of the three types of food fasts. A media fast calls for abstaining from social media and electronic entertainment (movies, TV, video games, etc.), and then choosing how to carefully bring that element back into their life in an orderly fashion.