Sunday Sermon Discussion Guide

HCF Sermon Discussion Guide

Roger Gales

October 14, 2018

Spiritual Warfare

Open Doors



Roger continues his series on Spiritual Warfare.  Discuss last week’s homework assignment of self-reflection in regards to deception and believing lies of the Devil.  Did you recognize lies during the week?  Did you experience any breakthroughs?


Read Luke 8:26-37

  • What characteristics of the demoniac show his demon possession?
  • Roger mentioned that if this story took place today, the man would have been medicated but to no avail because you can’t medicate a demon.
    • How can you determine if it’s a mental health issue verses a demon?
    • Feel free to share any of your experiences in this area.
  • Who was afraid of whom in this story?
    • What is a take-a-way from this for us?

Roger said that he doesn’t believe that a Christian can be Demon Possessed. He explained that the term used to describe the demoniac is the Greek word “daimonizomai” which is a word that combines “demon” and “power”.  In other words, the correct translation means to be under the power of a demon.  So even though a Christian can’t be possessed by a Demon, he or she can be influenced by a Demon.

  • How can you determine if behavior is from demonic influence or is just our old sinful nature?
    • What are some good guidelines to help flush that question out?
  • How does a Christian come under the power or influence of a Demon?
  • Have you ever battled with the thought that perhaps you are under a demonic influence that is controlling you?
    • What did you do?

Read Ephesians 4:26-27 & 32

  • How do we give the devil an opportunity?
  • What is the most common door that people open in this area?

Roger gave an analogy from Charles Craft:  Demons are like flies attracted to garbage.  Get rid of the garbage and the flies go away.  Take out the garbage and then close the door.

  • What is the key to taking out the trash?
  • How do you close the door?

Roger gave 4 tips to Repent Well:

  1. Confess your sin (take ownership)
  2. Change (Repent)
  3. Renounce (Cut if off)
  4. Restitution (make it right)


  • Take some time through thought and prayer to determine if there are any areas in your life where you need to “take out the trash”.
    • What steps from those 3 tips do you need to do?
    • Is there a possibility to make restitution?
      • What would that look like?