Sunday Sermon Discussion Guide

Heritage Christian Fellowship

Sermon Discussion Guide

Life in the Spirit –Part 2

By Roger Gales

July 15, 2018


Checking in:  What have you done to follow through with your own Kingdom Assignment?  Share stories.  If not finished yet, bring it up next week.

What stood out to you from Sunday’s message and why?

Roger shared about a story of when he prayed for Traci when they lived in Australia and her pain left immediately.  They were left stunned and amazed at God’s power.  Do you have a story of when God showed up in a miraculous way that left you stunned and amazed?  Please share.

Do you still see the power of Holy Spirit regularly in your life?  How would your life look different if that power of God was stronger in your life?

Read Luke 7:1-10

  • What can we learn from the Centurion and how can we apply that to our life?

Read John 5:19(b) & 5:30

  • Is this surprising for you that Jesus said this about his ability to minister?
  • How does this apply to us and how should this look like in our life?

Read Acts 10:38

  • Is the power talked about in this verse available to us today?
  • Are we able to experience this too?

Read Luke 9:1-2

  • Do you live a life of show and tell?
  • Is there evidence in your life to demonstrate the authority and your identification of being in Christ?
  • How can you fully submit to Christ to experience more of the Holy Spirit in your life?

Read Acts 14:3 & Ephesians 1:18-20

  • Are you on a mission for Jesus? What should that look like?
  • Have you adopted this life-style?
  • Are you content with the current power of God in your life?
  • How can you get more?
  • What are steps you can take:
    • This week?
    • This month?
    • This year?

Write 3 “I will” Statements of what we learned today