Sermon Discussion Guide

Fighting the Good Fight

Week of 12/13/20


Take some time to check in with each other. Share any updates, challenges, or celebrations. 

What was your favorite COVID joke from Sunday?

What are your plans for Christmas? Have any Christmas traditions been altered? 

How would you explain fighting the good fight to a curious neighbor?

How would you describe putting on the armor of God to a curious neighbor? 


READ Ephesians 6:10-20 in 3 different translations.

What does Paul say in verse 10? Why is this important? How does this give context to the following verses? 

What do you think it means for the armor in verses 13 to 17 to be “God’s” armor? Why is this significant? 

How have you experience the struggle against Rulers? Authorities? Powers? Spiritual Forces? What happened? How did your “armor” come into play? If you had to go back, would you change anything?

How does the belt of truth impact fighting the good fight? What is your process for determining truth?

What does it look like to be ready? 

Share a time when God spoke to you and asked you to respond in a sudden way.

Share a time when you shared your faith with someone you felt you should. 

How would you help someone share their faith who hasn’t?


Spend time in prayer. Paul connects prayer with putting on the armor of God. It is in communion with Jesus that we will be more sensitive to how His armor will strengthen us. Pray for each other and pray for this Christmas season.

Service – Go and Do

How can you be sensitive this week to God’s direction as it pertains to sharing your faith and growing in truth?