Sunday Sermon Discussion Guide

Heritage Christian Fellowship

Sermon Discussion Guide

Overcoming Loneliness

By Roger Gales

August 12, 2018


What stood out to you from Sunday’s message and why?


Roger defined Loneliness but said that Loneliness is very subjective.

  • What is your personal definition of Loneliness?
  • Share of a time or season in your life where you experienced Loneliness.
  • What was the cause of that Loneliness?
  • How did you deal with that at the time?
  • If you could go back, what, if anything, would you have done differently?

Roger gave the following 4 Facts of Loneliness:

  1. Loneliness Pain feels like Physical Pain
  2. Loneliness is terrible for your health
  3. Loneliness is contagious
  4. Loneliness is epidemic in America
  • Do any of those above-listed facts from Roger match your experience? If so which ones and please discuss.
  • Think of how many songs that you have heard that refer to being lonely.

Read Genesis 2:18.

  • Why is this scripture significant especially since this occurred before the Fall of Adam and Eve?

Roger gave the following 4 suggestions to help overcome Loneliness:

  1. Admit your Loneliness
  2. Repent of Loneliness
  3. Learn to Love Others Well
  4. Seek God
  • Let everyone pick one of the four suggestions that hits home for them and discuss.
  • Helpful questions to spur discussion
    • How do you practically do that and what does that look like?
    • Give an example of an action step that you think would help you.
    • Are any of these action steps related and if so, how?
    • How can you as an individual help others overcome Loneliness?
    • How about as a community group?

Write 3 “I will” Statements of what we learned today