“I can attest that God did something miraculous in every single person. He moved in power and he did the impossible. I was so moved seeing how our kids were praying and prophesying for one another. We didn’t even ask them to. They were just stepping in, praying, and loving one another with genuine love. We’ve been set on fire for the Lord and I can only imagine what he is going to do next.”

— Krystal

“This was my first youth camp ever and God touched me. One of the leaders prayed for me to hear God’s voice and I heard God’s voice. It was the greatest experience ever! To have God touch me and the Holy Spirit fill me— fill my body and my heart. Now I am so excited to share God’s Word, for God to share His Word through me! And help others on their journey to worshipping God.
Thank you to all the leaders and all the wonderful youth too. I’m just so glad I got to meet everyone.”

— Marissa

“We saw two salvations, with one of those two people being baptized! The youth received prophetic words for one another and received the gift of tongues! The camp was definitely eventful, as a swarm of bees invaded! But after a day, one of the youth commanded them in the name of Jesus to go, and they disappeared immediately!”

– Alida

“All of a sudden, day two of camp, we had an incredible swarm of bees invade our camp. Praise God, no one was allergic to bees. But this swarm was there, hovering around some of our chairs, for the entire day and through the night. It was the most bees I’ve ever seen in my life. We were avoiding them, but they started moving closer to us and people started freaking out.

I was about to leave, but I just turned to the bees and said, “In Jesus name, go away.” And they all went away. It was the most miraculous thing I had ever seen. It was almost instantaneous.”

— Elijah

“I went to this camp not really knowing who God was. I didn’t have a relationship with him. And on June 22, I gave my life to Jesus Christ. I don’t know what it was exactly, but ever since, I’m way happier. It feels like all my stress and anxiety and depression has gone away. Now every time I get upset or overwhelmed, I just pray. It helps so much knowing that I will always have someone to talk to and go through my problems with. Knowing that he won’t shut me out and will always be there to listen to me.

I’m happy I met these people, because without them, I don’t think I would be here now.”


“So the day before the youth camp, I was having quiet time and I was like, ‘Lord, why did you send me here?’ And I felt him say, ‘Just wait until you meet the kids.’

The Lord has really, really changed me and touched my heart because of what He’s done in the youth. I’ve been so amazed at the power of the gospel. We didn’t come with anything special or anything new. We just shared Jesus with them. And Jesus was the one who touched each one of their hearts and changed them.

And we saw salvation. We saw people being filled with the Spirit, prophesying for the first time. I have a new love for the gospel and am reminded at how we can’t do it in our own strength. But Jesus can.”

— Khensani