We all have a story. The church is full of broken, lost people who encountered Jesus and were forever changed. On Easter Sunday, we had the privilege of hearing the way Jesus has transformed the lives of people in our community. We want to celebrate these stories and the miracles that God has done today, in real lives around us. 

Jon went from drugs, prison, and suicidal thoughts, to life, joy, and freedom because he encountered Jesus. Jon’s story is another reminder that we can’t do it on our own, the only way is through Christ!

Kerri tells us about her relationship with speaking in tongues— from doubt and resistance to surrender and breakthrough— and what it means to her prayer life and relationship with God now.

Those who know JP know him as a radical man of God and an evangelist whose boldness has impacted thousands of lives. But he wasn’t always that way. On his 51st Pentecost Sunday as a Christian, JP Spitz shares how being baptized by the Holy Spirit changed everything for him.


Kurt shares how finding the real Jesus and being baptized in the Spirit gave him new life and the hope of heaven.