Go to the database website at https://heritagesc.simplechurchcrm.com/

Go to the bottom of the page and hit “Forgot Password”.

Next type in your email address and click on the green box that says “Send Password”.

You will receive an email to the address you entered and be given a new username and can set up a new password.

Once you have set up a new password, go back to the login page at https://heritagesc.simplechurchcrm.com/ and enter in the new username and password. Hit “Login”. You will then see your profile and a tab that says “directory” where you can view other people in the congregation.


Iphone APP

There is also an Iphone app under Simple Church CRM. Once you have setup your username and password, download the apple app for access on your phone.


If you have any questions or have trouble getting a username or password, call the church office at (949) 361-1022 for extra help.