Heritage Christian School

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6

We are a community of families that support and uplift one another in our quest to raise Godly generations.

Heritage Christian School (HCS) is a ministry of Heritage Christian Fellowship (HCF). The school is a Private School Satellite Program (PSP) providing support, guidance, activities and storage of school records for homeschooling families. The mission of HCS is to assist families in providing quality, Christian education for their children. The school serves as an umbrella covering for families who wish to homeschool, but prefer not to file their own independent affidavit with the State of California.

Our school consists of up to 30 families united with a passion to teach our children character through Biblical truths, as well as academics. Although priority for admission is given to members of HCF and HCF families serving on the mission field, the school is open to Christian homeschooling families in the surrounding area.

Heritage Christian School offers two memberships: Registered Membership for families who wish to have their records held on file with HCS or Support Membership for families who wish to enjoy all the activities and support of HCS but choose to have their records stored elsewhere.

Our History

Heritage Christian School was established in 1997 through the efforts of homeschooling parent Suzanne Branson. This was in response to a desire by the homeschooling families of Heritage to establish a quality support and fellowship system.

The school was to be a ministry of Heritage Christian Fellowship and come under the direction of the church elder board. Through Suzanne’s efforts, Heritage Christian School complied with the state’s requirements for homeschooling by becoming an ISP (Independent Study Program). A legal affidavit was filed with the State of California as a private school.

From the beginning, the purpose of Heritage Christian School was to provide a structure for the homeschooling families of Heritage Christian Fellowship to work together and serve each other by providing support, meaningful field trips, outreach activities and storage of school records. Two types of membership, Registered Members and Support Members, were created so that families could choose to have their records stored either in the files of Heritage Christian School or through another homeschooling program such as the Vine or the Community Home Education Program (CHEP). Family participation was, and still is, a vital element for success of the school under either type of membership.

In 2002, Suzanne Branson stepped down from serving as administrator of the school, and a board-lead format was set into place. While the number of members on the board varied over the years, one person was designated as the administrator and contact person between the school and the church. The HCS board was patterned after the elder board of Heritage Christian Fellowship; as needed, new members were asked to step onto the board based upon character as well as homeschooling experience. Traditions such as Opening Day, Demo Night, Open House/Talent Night, Promotion Night, Field Day, Car-Caroling Outreach, and the annual Camping Trip were established. A school yearbook became a reality, and a framework for allowing each family to step up and be responsible for planning one month of the school year (“Family of the Month”) was formed. School members stepped up to plan and implement co-op classes, as well as a five-year tradition of coordinating a school drama presentation. Teacher-Night-Out and Park Days became part of each month.

In 2003, the HCS board sought and gained church elder board approval to have Heritage Christian School opened up to include homeschooling families who attend churches other than Heritage. This was to create a greater base of families for interaction and support. An enrollment cap was included in order to keep the school a manageable size for the homeschooling families involved in leadership of the school.

In 2007, three dads stepped up to become the board; this would allow the current board “moms” to step down for a break. With the dads at the helm, the school established its own website and online grading system. The legal transfer to becoming a “PSP” (Private School Satellite Program) was enacted.

Since the 2009-2010 school year, the Heritage Christian School leadership has been fine-tuned to become a board of 3 husband/wife couples. The provides a balance of strengths and abilities necessary for leading the school.

Heritage Christian School continues to be a unique, closely-knit “family” of believers who serve each other. As a ministry of Heritage Christian Fellowship, the school will continue to meet the legal and fellowship needs of this special group of homeschooling families.


If you are interested in becoming a part of Heritage Christian School, please contact the Board. Open enrollment for the academic year is held from July 1 through September 1; mid-year enrollment is held from November 1 through February 1. We consider transfer-student applications on a case-by-case basis throughout the school year.
Contact the Board

For the current annual tuition, contact the HCS Board. This fee includes one yearbook per family and online reporting (for Registered Members). The HCS Budget will be available at the first mandatory meeting. Heritage Christian School is a board-led PSP. Each family will come under the guidance and direction of the governing Board of HCS in planning the activities for the school. 

Family Requirements

Members must be committed Christian families, regularly attending a Christian church. If the family attends a church other than Heritage Christian Fellowship, a pastor’s letter of recommendation from the family’s home church is required. (Pastor’s letter request only applies to families new to HCS).

Members are required to sign a statement of faith acknowledging Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and the Holy Bible as the inerrant and authoritative word of God.

Prospective members that do not attend Heritage Christian Fellowship (HCF) are required to participate in a family interview with the Board of Heritage Christian School prior to admission.

Members must commit to attend two mandatory parent meetings during the Academic Year. Attendance at these two meetings is necessary for the success of the school. We encourage both parents to attend. In the event that an unforeseen circumstance results in an inability for at least one parent to attend a meeting, please notify the Board prior to the meeting. It is also the parent’s responsibility to contact the Board to obtain important information covered during the meeting.

All paperwork must be turned in by the first required parent meeting for the new school year in order for the family to participate in any school activities. For Registered Members (families who have their student records stored at Heritage Christian School), attendance sheets must be updated monthly at Homeschool Reporting Online.

The Annual family tuition of $125 for Support Families and $145 for Registered Families (Registered Family tuition includes $20 fee for online reporting) is also due at the first mandatory parent meeting. This tuition covers one yearbook per family, as well as selected school-sponsored events, ministry, and administrative costs.  The fee does not cover other optional items such as the purchase of additional yearbooks, testing fees, school photos or field trip costs.

Heritage Christian School is a group effort where members’ involvement and support is required for a successful program. Each family is required to coordinate or help with school events and activities.

The safety of each child during any and all HCS activities is the sole responsibility of the child’s parents. If a child/student injures another person or causes property damage, that child/student’s parents are responsible for any compensation required.

E-mail is the primary method of communication for the school. Members are required to inform the school administrator of any change in the family’s e-mail address. 

Heritage Christian School is lead by a Board of Directors (three couples).  Each member of the Board must be a regularly attending family of Heritage Christian Fellowship and must have been a part of Heritage Christian School for one full school year.

Members are required to uphold the standard of conduct for Heritage Christian School as follows: The school expects all families (parents and children) to behave in a manner that is pleasing to God. God would expect us to dress modestly and behave kindly. He asks us to think more highly of others than ourselves. God also asks us to go privately to our brother if he has offended us and try to reconcile our differences. If we are not reconciled, then take one more person with us. The school asks that its families strive to follow these biblical directives.

Necessary Documents
Required from Registered Members
Required from Support Members
HCS Forms California School Immunization Card 62410 Statement of Faith
Online Reporting Application for Membership
Attendance Record (1st-12th) Medical & Liability Release Form (annually)
Course of Study (1st-12th) Family Requirements
Course Description (High School)
Grades (High school)


The primary goal of the activities is to compliment the educational experience, provide ministry/outreach opportunities, and build fellowship.

As a volunteer-based ministry, we rely on our members’ talent, energy, imagination and willingness to serve one another. Numerous events are scheduled annually by the HCS Board and each family is encouraged to plan and conduct at least one of those events. In this way, leadership, planning and communication skills are reinforced and the burden is shared to the benefit of all HCS members. We know that not everyone is able to participate in every HCS activity, so families are free to choose from a number of participatory opportunities.

There are two categories of activities: Board-Sponsored and Parent-Sponsored.

Board-Sponsored Activities

Board-Sponsored Activities are hosted by the HCS board with cost covered by HCS funds. They require volunteers, but the board assumes the responsibility for coordinating the activities. This includes the following:

  • Mandatory Meetings (August, January): These meetings are for parents only (infants okay). The Board requests that both parents attend. This is a time to discuss and execute HCS administrative matters and activities, and to fellowship and pray with one another.
  • Opening Day/Night (September): This is a kick-off celebration for the new school year held at Doheny State Beach. It’s a chance to meet new and old families and to have a time of prayer and fellowship for the whole family.
  • Promotion Night (June): The HCS academic year graduation. We especially acknowledge those children graduating from Kindergarten, 5th grade, 8th grade, and 12th grade. One of our board couples will step down after serving a three year term, so time will be set aside to bless and thank them. Families also publicly recognize their children in the area of spiritual and/or academic growth. This event is traditionally held at Doheny State Beach.

*Extended families and friends are welcome at these two ceremonial events.

Parent Sponsored Activities

Parent-Sponsored Activities are planned and arranged by parents who volunteer to host them. As hosts, they take responsibility for coordination and conduct of the event. Each participant is responsible for their own transportation, fees, equipment, etc. These activities often include field trips, drama, service activities, etc. If no one volunteers to host an activity, the activity will not take place.


There will be a sign up at the first meeting for coordinators of “traditional HCS events/activities”.

For other events:

  1. Send an e-mail to the Calendar Coordinator to confirm that the day is available.
  2. Once approved by the Calendar Coordinator, the host will send out an e-mail information to everyone describing the activity, time, place, date, transportation and cost.  Please be sure to include your name and phone number. All questions will be directed to the host family.
  3. Please take pictures of your event/activity so it can be included in the yearbook.
  4. E-mail the pictures to the Yearbook Coordinator.

Traditional Activities:

Beach Day (May – October), Park Day (October – May): Families meet on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month with exact times and locations to be announced.  Check the HCS calendar for details.

Classes: Classes may be offered and are led by parents that would like to teach on a certain subject on a volunteer basis. Classes that we have had in the past include sewing, cooking, spy class, piano, guitar, US government, animal dissection, art, etc. The commitment is usually for 6-8 weeks. There may be parent commitment and fee assessed per student to cover the cost of supplies for the class.

Couples Night: We would like to have 2 events per year for parents only.  It can be dinner, a movie, performance, bowling, etc.

Demonstration (“Demo”) Night (February): Demo Night is an opportunity for students to present or demonstrate the knowledge they have gained from a particular subject (art, geography, science, language, cooking, etc.). Presentations are limited to 3 minutes per family to ensure sufficient time for all. Please invite families and friends to this event!

Drama (May): Dramas are a huge undertaking for a school of this size. If a parent desires to undertake this project, they will need to obtain substantial help from other parents and form a volunteer cooperative effort.

The board does not budget for the play, so there will be an added fee added per family to participate in this class. The amount will be determined based on the size of the production. Costs could included stage, sets, costumes, videographer, lighting operator, etc. A fundraiser may be allowed to offset the cost of a play. Drama volunteers have asked that plays be performed on two nights in order to allow the backstage volunteers to enjoy the play during one of the presentations. This is another great event to invite friends and family to!

Mom’s Night Out: One night per month, the ladies usually get together for a time of fellowship, encouragement and prayer. If you would like to host a Mom’s Night, please let Mom’s Night Coordinator know. You are free to provide a meal, pot-luck, salad bar pot luck, or just have the ladies over for beverages and desserts.

Open House/Talent Night (April): This event emphasizes performance arts. It is an opportunity for students to play an instrument, sing, act, recite, etc. Presentations are limited to 3 minutes per family to ensure sufficient time for all. Families are also encouraged to present a sample of their students’ work, which may include school work, family/individual verses, pictures of a family outing, a science experiment, drawings, essays, reports, etc. These samples will be displayed on tables in the room for all to see. Invite family and friends!

Yearbooks: Every family will receive one yearbook included with tuition.  Additional books can be purchased for an extra fee to be determined.  Yearbook staff will consist of moms and student volunteers who compile and produce a yearbook.  There will be one yearbook coordinator that will oversee the project.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Heritage Christian School (HCS)?

A. HCS is a registered, State of California Private School Satellite Program (PSP) and a ministry of Heritage Christian Fellowship (HCF).  In addition to the legal covering HCS provides to its participating members, it is a fellowship and support group.

Q. Why should I join?

A. Although HCS provides a legal umbrella to participating members, the main benefit of homeschooling with HCS is from the relationships our members develop with one another. Through shared experiences and encouragement, members develop in their children a Bible-based worldview, a desire to fellowship with and serve others, and to pursue academic excellence.

Q. When can I join HCS?

A. Open enrollment for the academic year is held from July 1 through September 1; mid-year enrollment is held from November 1 through February 1.  We consider transfer-student applications on a case-by-case basis throughout the school year.

Q. How much is the tuition?

A. Contact the HCS Board for current annual tuition.

Q. What is Homeschool Reporting Online?

A. A web-based service allowing parents to maintain records for students’ attendance, courses of study, course descriptions, grades, immunizations, and transcripts. HCS requires Registered Members to utilize this tool for student recordkeeping. The cost is estimated at $10-20 per year. The websites: Visit their website and view instructions here.

Q. How are HCS tuition funds used?

A. Tuition funds are used to support school activities throughout the year and the yearbook of which each family receives one.  For Registered Members, $10-20 of the tuition is used to support online record keeping.

 Q. Is HCS a homeschool co-operative?

A. Although HCS has offered classes in the past, it is not a co-op.

Q. How do I enroll?

A. If you are not currently attending HCF, please call us for an interview so we can ensure that HCS is a good match for you and your family. For all families applying for membership, go to our “Forms & Documents” page to print and complete the required forms. Bring these forms and tuition to our first mandatory meeting.

Q. How do I get a copy of my student’s records if I leave HCS?

A. Simply let the Board know of your planned departure and request a copy of your records then. Or, contact the Board by e-mail or written correspondence to Heritage Christian School.