Hello everyone,

I am very excited about the renewed sense of family here at Heritage as we continue to love Jesus and do life together. In the spirit of the power of family that we so relish here at Heritage, I am calling our entire congregation to join me in reading the Book of Proverbs for the month of October.

Our hope is that everyone who calls Heritage home will read the 31 chapters of Proverbs on the correlating day for the 31 days of October. For example, on October 5, everyone will read chapter 5 of Proverbs. As we read a chapter a day, I know God will drop pearls of wisdom into our laps that will help us in our everyday lives. In addition, I know it will be even more impactful for us to read Proverbs together as a church family.

That is why, starting this Sunday, I will begin teaching from the book of Proverbs to explore all the treasures that are found in this amazing book. In addition, we are asking all the Community Groups to read and study Proverbs during the month of October and to use the Sermon Discussion Guides from the Sunday Sermons to help further our deep dive into Proverbs.

My hope and prayer is that everyone will join in in our collective reading of Proverbs during the month of October. Thanks for all your support!

Peter Klause