Accident— August 06, 2019

On Tuesday, August 6, a woman drove her car into the Heritage church facility at about 75 mph, going through the front glass doors all the way through to the back wall of the building. The driver apparently was stepping on the accelerator pedal thinking it was the brake. It was just an accident, nothing more. We’re so very grateful to God that nobody was hurt, including the driver.

Clean up began immediately as dozens of volunteers came to sweep and haul away the debris, and by the end of the week we were ready for Sunday. The repair work, however, will likely take about 2 months to complete, and the church insurance will cover most if not all of the cost. We offer our sincere thanks to all of those who have helped and will continue helping with the clean up and repairs. Lots of people put their love into action!

Nobody expects a car to come crashing into your church. But it did. We don’t always know why bad things happen, but in the midst of them we trust God. God promised that He would use everything in our lives for good, and we expect Him to keep that promise for us again. He’s always good and always trustworthy!