You can read the following pages with your children and check out the suggestions of activities.
May 22

This week as you read about the letter N here are some fun things you can do:

  • Take time at the beginning of the week to sit down (maybe during dinner) and ask your child what you do that feels nice to them. Then, share something they do that feels nice to you. Take turns and continue talking about this as a family. As we all know, what nice behavior is can be subjective, because we all enjoy and value different actions. This will give you a better understanding of how your child experiences your love and invites them into choosing to behave in a loving way toward you.

  • You can turn this into a game and put a star or a stamp on an assigned sheet of paper for each time one of you are nice to each other or a neighbor this week. At the end of the week, the person with the most points can pick their favorite meal or treat. I encourage you to share the experience with your child if you win. “Be nice.”

  • Play a version of pictionary or charades where you will draw or act out a behavior/action. Your children will guess what you have drawn or acted out and then decide if it is a nice or not nice behavior.

  • Play a game of nice tag. Every time the person who is “it” tags someone else, that person must give them a compliment.

  • Put on some fun kids worship music and do joyful dances.