Laurie Carson traveled to the Philippines this summer on a missions trip. Read Laurie’s report on the experience below!
This being my 11thmissionary journey, I assumed I was realistic in my expectations. Well! It was much harder than I thought it would be with the extreme climate and horrible effects of poverty, especially exacted upon the most vulnerable: the children. I was so very blessed to live at the mission house and become a part of a wonderful mission family of American and Filipino staff there. They live a life of sacrifice as they carefully steward their sponsorship dollars while upholding a high standard of service. I was told, “We love our visitors” and it showed in the various ways they took care of me, generously and lovingly.

The question is: will it make any difference for me to have gone? Probably yes, which is to say a lot when there are so many needs beyond my human capacity. My hope is that they felt Christ reaching out to them with sacrificial loving care and concern. It certainly made a huge difference in my life, forever!

We held 4 medical outreaches and saw close to 360 patients, plus I helped get the pharmacy in working order. Organizing, cleaning, inventory, and order sheets were completed in 80 degree heat with 90%+ humidity indoors! Now, the Filipino staff RN will more readily perform outreach clinics as he moves into a full-time position there. The medical outreach aspect of the mission has always opened doors into the most needed areas.
It seemed like I had divine appointments with patients. My particular experiences and unique gifts came together as the Lord led me to discern less-than-obvious needs. A woman grieving alone for a miscarried baby; another with severe depression, close to suicide; a laboring worker with rheumatoid arthritis and high blood pressure; a 2 month-old baby seriously ill with pneumonia. We encountered an elderly lady neglected and left to die by her family after an auto accident left her without her right arm and unable to walk. She had no wheelchair, walker, cane, or helping hand. “I’m not ready to die!” she cried. She needed our love and care most of all, so we showed her we valued her life by going the extra mile to help her.

The Peace Be With You church follows up with individual attention by the pastoral team for ongoing help and prayers to the most needy.

These clinics make way for the gospel to be preached, the local church to grow, and propel the ministry forward in the power of Christ to transform lives and communities. Best of all, Muslims are coming to the Lord and baptizing one another! Powerful things are happening in the Philippines and the people are seeing the love of Christ at work. A crowning achievement is that leaders of other faiths are requesting that the Peace Be With You team teach the kids about Jesus in their schools.

With love, Laurie Carson

Laurie’s been a member of our church for many years. She’s involved in prison ministry and has a heart for children, serving in our kid’s ministry and participating in our annual Max Berg Park outreach event.