So the first part, we did we did a one week outreach in London with a small church called King and Country Church. They’re two congregations– one is right in London, one is about 3 hours outside. So we stayed in their homes, preached in a couple different services, tried to encourage the church, and spend time with them in their communities.

God was moving. People were getting healed. We were super encouraged and the church was too. Everywhere we went, God was touching lives and bringing breakthrough.

– Mike

I was doubtful about going initially. I did not find my passport until 9 hours before my flight, so I was hoping that the Lord didn’t want me to go. And I was asking, “Lord, do you want me to go? And he asked me, “Do you want to go?” And I said, “Yes, yes, I’ll go.”

This lovely couple from Nigeria with two little kids hosted me. And I was born in the Caribbean. When I was a little girl, I would walk home from school at lunch and my mother would fry some eggs and plantains. So when I get to the island and I’m in their home, something smells delicious. And Edith is making her traditional rice and fried plantains. I said to them, I’ve traveled 7,000 miles to come home.

– Celeste

We’ve built amazing friendships and lasting relationships we know we’ll have for a long time. We’ve gotten to be apart of radical worship and see people really go for it for God.

– Josh

It’s been so amazing connecting and knitting our hearts with new family here! We have worshipped, given words of encouragement, we prayed with a woman who gave her life to Jesus, and quite a few people have been healed! God is stretching and growing each of us as individuals and as brothers and sisters in Christ! God is so good and has shown up in every way!

– Tammy

It was my first time going to another Four12 church and it was really cool to just see the whole message about family and unity in the church played out, especially in London.

It felt weird for me to be “reaching out” to another church, because I didn’t feel like I was qualified. But it was so cool to just be able to connect with everybody there and to be able to lead worship with Josh. And I feel like the Lord just showed me that I also have a place and he can also use me too, even though I don’t feel qualified.

– Bethany

So I didn’t want to go. I was digging in my heels. And the Lord well, as often happens, in praying, I started wrestling with him before I knew it, I’m not only going, I’m paying for four other people to go.

And it was amazing. It far exceeded my expectations. We were taught really well about hospitality. We were with a family that just loved us and it was so sacrificial. We ended up in a house with 13 people. It was amazing.

Makenna had it on her heart to share the gospel with her grandparents and I was thinking, “Why do that? Why cast your pearls before swine?” But the Lord had other plans and gave us the opportunity to share the gospel in a way that was never there before.

– Kyle

It was about 1,200 people from 25 different nations, coming together day after day. To see the unity and the love and experience God’s presence and be part of the worship. It was a really a wonderful experience.

– George