“It was such a good time and we trust that a lot of seeds were planted and that the people at Heritage and Newport were encouraged to love one another well and devote themselves wholeheartedly to the Bride of Christ!” – Alida (JoshGen)

“They’ve come in so humbly & brought such life – especially during worship. They’ve modeled New Testament culture in a beautiful way just by living amongst us.” – Lon (Heritage)

“The worship leader asked me to join the team and I realized I had such a fear of man holding me back. During the meeting before the service, with the prophetic words coming out, that fear just broke instantaneously.” Buhle (JoshGen)
“Knott’s Berry Farm – a thrilling day with blind faith. Thought I was going on a mid-range ride, but it was a max thrill level. I screamed the whole way and made a new friend – thank you Michelle Swart for being my safe space!” – Michelle (JoshGen)
“Everyone on the team have been incredible – I’ve been so encouraged by seeing saints & leaders pour themselves out for others.” – Dani (JoshGen)

“The power of this experience has been the amazing hearts & connections between the average JoshGen saints & our congregation. We have had some salvations, many heart connections, & lots of powerful ministry from the JoshGen saints to our Heritage Family.” – Peter (Heritage)

“We saw two salvations, with one of those two people being baptized! The youth received prophetic words for one another and received the gift of tongues! The camp was definitely eventful, as a swarm of bees invaded! But after a day, one of the youth commanded them in the name of Jesus to go, and they disappeared immediately!” – Alida (JoshGen)