Imagine what a difference we can make in this world if we all put the love of God into action! We encourage everyone in our church family to find a place to serve and jump in.  No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted, so please, take a few moments to find the area where your act of kindness will kindle joy in your heart…We have the following outreach ministries that will provide you just that kind of opportunity – to be the arms and hands of Jesus Christ.

Directors – Shannon El-Sokkary (949) 412-7046                    Kelly Christian           (949) 412-9327

Homeless Ministry – Mike Vogelesgang   (949) 361.7723 Be a friend to the homeless by providing food, hope, companionship, and the word of God.

Convalescent Care Ministry – Elle Robinson (949) 922.2655 Visit local senior care facilities and bring the love of Jesus to the aged. This ministry even brings church to those who are shut in.

For more information on any of these ministries email info@heritagesc.org.


Boys & Girls Club Project

Our local Boys and Girls Club was built in 1967 so all of the rooms need renovation. The Local Outreach team is working on updating their Kindergarten-First Grade classroom, which is quite plain and run down. The plan is to replace the tables and chairs, repaint, resupply their craft supplies and redo their bulletin boards. There will be a work day June 30 from 10-4 at the Boys and Girls Club and volunteers are very welcome.
For people who want to contribute financially, we are looking for people to adopt a stool ($30 or 2 for $60) or a bean bag chair ($50). They would like a total of 40 stools and 4 bean bags. Another big blessing would be a laptop for the kids.