Imagine what a difference we can make in this world if we all put the love of God into action! We encourage everyone in our church family to find a place to serve and jump in.  No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted, so please, take a few moments to find the area where your act of kindness will kindle joy in your heart…We have the following outreach ministries that will provide you just that kind of opportunity – to be the arms and hands of Jesus Christ.

Directors – Shannon El-Sokkary (949) 412-7046 & Kelly Christian (949) 412-9327
Homeless Ministry – Mike Vogelesgang (949) 361.7723
Be a friend to the homeless by providing food, hope, companionship, and the word of God.
Convalescent Care Ministry – Elle Robinson (949) 922.2655
Visit local senior care facilities and bring the love of Jesus to the aged. This ministry even brings church to those who are shut in.

For more information on any of these ministries email