Marriage and Family

How to Disciple Kids

Parents! It took God in the flesh three years of full time work to make disciples. This means we can’t expect our kids to become disciples of Christ in just the few hours we’re at church each week! Come hear from a variety of teachers during this Fall 2018 series on how to raise disciples whose faith will be strong long after we’re gone. Classes will be in Room 203 on Sunday nights at 5:30 pm. Let’s be proactive parents!

The next Parenting Discipleship class will be in January! Stay tuned.


Fused Marriage Mentoring

Fused is a mentoring ministry designed for the nearly engaged and newly engaged.

Fused will team you up with a seasoned couple to encourage you, to listen to you, and help you find answers.  Marriage Mentoring will provide you with a blueprint of questions and ideas to challenge you to know your spouse and to help you become soul mates. Our goal is to promote relationships built on understanding and effective communication, thereby establishing soul mates that remain in love and fused for a lifetime.  For more information contact Bob and Tanya Lloyd at (949) 492-9519.