By Toby Ray

I live life with certain foundations that are solid, firm, immovable and unchanging.  They are not things that I have made up.  They are based on the character of my Father in Heaven.

Many people believe that God is expecting them to change on their own.  That is impossible.  I can not perform for God!  I can not impress God with my actions.  Jesus died because I was incapable of being good enough.  It was His love, grace, and mercy that drove Him to the cross so that He could be with me.  I don’t love Jesus out of my own ability.  I love Jesus, but it is because He first loved me and graced me with the ability to love Him.  He counted me worthy to be loved.  He declared me to be righteous in His sight. I will from this day forward have a hard time understanding the depth of His love for me, but I am told in proverbs to lean not on my own understanding.  I just need to take Him at His word.  He loves me.

John had this revelation in John 13:23 there was reclining on Jesus’ bosom one of His disciples, whom Jesus loved.  also in john 19:26 When Jesus then saw His mother, and the disciple whom He loved standing nearby…    John wasn’t saying that Jesus loved him more than the others, John simply understood that Jesus loved him and he lived by that principle.  Jesus loved him more than he could fully understand but he understood enough.

Foundation #1 I am loved more than I will ever be able to comprehend!

Make that declaration every morning and all day long if you need to until you begin to begin to understand its validity.  You are loved more than you can imagine or dream.  That should bring a smile to your face no matter who you are.

Many try to love others in order to be loved in return.  This is not loving at all.  It is a form of manipulation.  When we pour out our heart and soul on others in order to get something in return, it is not love.  I can not give what I don’t have

When I operate from the foundation that I am loved, then I am able to pour out real love.  I can love others unconditionally and without expectation of receiving anything in return.  Love is a sacrifice by definition but it is easy when we simply are overflowing what we have.