Find a Group

One of our core values is the power of family, and we build family in groups. Plugging into a group— whether it be a weekly community group, a study or a course, or a ministry team to serve on— is the best way to experience the transformative and beautiful power of family.

Community Groups

We believe in the power of family and we build family in small groups that meet during the week. In groups we form relationships where we can support, encourage, and have fun with one another! We also spur each other on in our faith, discuss the Word, worship, and pray. Getting involved in a group is the best way to become part of our family!

Groups run on a quarterly basis, starting every September, January, April and June, and some groups break for the summer.

Women’s Ministry

We are blessed to have an active and vibrant Women’s Ministry where women come together to study the Word, encourage and uplift one another, and worship together! Our Women’s Bible study groups run from September to May and we also have regular worship and prayer nights for all the women in the church.

Men’s Ministry

Our mission is to equip the men of Heritage to realize all that God has for them as fathers, husbands, friends, workers, leaders and as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Thursday nights at 6:00 pm in Heritage Room 101, men are invited to be equipped with tools for transformation and hope for a life worth living in the men’s group “Discovering Your True Identity”.

Join a Team

Serving isn’t just a vital part of life in church and an opportunity to share your gifts and talents, but getting involved with a ministry team is one of the best ways to make friends! God has given each believer a gift for the purposes of building the kingdom and blessing the body of Christ. Check out our service opportunities for ways you can get involved at Heritage!