Family Week is intended to create fun and meaningful experiences between kids and parents, as well as opportunities to fellowship with other families!

  • August 7: Creating Artists— Families with kids fifth grade and under are invited to join us at 6 pm in Room 101 for dinner and a devotion. ($2 donation per person for dinner is welcome). We’ll then create an art project together!
  • August 8: Why Jesus for Parents— Parents are encourage to take the opportunity to share their testimony with their kids. 

How to Share Your Testimony

  • August 9: Taco Night to Invite— We’ll be hanging out down at T-Street beach starting at 1 pm. There’ll be sand castle building at 4 pm, followed by dinner at 6 pm, and a bonfire at 8 pm. Come for what you can and invite friends along! ($2 donation per person for dinner is welcome).
  • August 10: Bigger, Better Competition— Lead your family to victory in this scavenger hunt where the goal is to trade your way to the biggest or best item! Meet at Heritage at 2 pm and return at 5 pm for awards and treats!