During our time together for our recent Regional Equip, there was a sense of reverence for the Lord – how holy he is and how worthy he is of our whole hearts and our uncompromising obedience. He wants every individual to behold him, to carry his heart, to love as he loves. When he has the hearts of each individual, his church can reflect Him properly.

No Random Citizens

There should be no “random citizens” in the church. Just as Jesus stopped for the one, so should we, because we have been called to build church family – where every member is known and loved and feels that they belong.

Hold the Line

The world is pushing us to shift away from the truth, but we need to be willing to hold the line – to stand firm on the gospel. We must recognise that if we carry the light, we will offend the darkness.

Fear of the Lord

God is gracious, forgiving and merciful, but grace isn’t only about forgiveness—we need a healthy fear of the Lord. Healthy fear protects us from danger and we need to have a healthy fear of sin.


When there is a fresh move of God, it’s not a formula. Following the river is following something alive and moving. We may miss God if we expect Him to do the same thing in the same way, so we leave our own structures, plans, and skills to follow where He’s going.


Flourish in your walk with Jesus by utilizing the powerful framework outlined in Psalm 1. Thrive as the Lord intended by surrounding yourself with life-giving friendships, daily nourishment from the Scriptures, and the refreshing river of the Holy Spirit.

Blog Post

No Better Time

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