Elementary School Virtue Brief June 4

June 4, 2017

Elementary School (The Creator)

From the opening pages of Scripture, we encounter God’s creativity in action. With words, “Let there be light,” the poem of creation unfolded as light gave way to time, oceans and mountains formed, galaxies were set in motion, and the earth was filled with birds, fish, and every creature imaginable. But God was not finished creating. God decided that He wanted His image to populate the earth. He created people in His image to take care and develop His magnificent creation. Humans are unique in that we reflect God in how we interact with each other and the world around us. That interaction includes God’s creativity.
We may not form mountains and oceans, but we create art and music, build cities, solve problems, and innovate technology—all of which starts with our God-given creativity. Jesus showed us creativity in action. Jesus was the Word that spoke God’s creation into existence at the beginning of time. And when Jesus arrived on planet earth to fulfill God’s plan to rescue humanity, that same creativity was evident in every interaction we read throughout Scripture. Through stories, Jesus could explain something difficult or confusing about the Kingdom of God. With unconventional materials, Jesus healed the sick and hurting. With the right question, He could point to His disciples and the religious leaders what is most important to God. Throughout His earthly ministry, Jesus showed us the difference we can make in the world through creativity. 
We kick off the month in the book of Genesis looking at the beginning. As we look at the world around us we see the moon and stars, the plants and animals, we can’t help but see the creative beauty in God’s creation. He is the Master Artist and Sculptor. Everything in this world is intricately designed and points to God’s fingerprints in creation.
When we see how God created the world around us, we see who we are in light of His grandeur and majesty. The psalmist wrote, “What are human beings that you [God] think about them?” (Psalm 8:4, NIrV). God created us apart from the rest of creation when He created us in His image, and when we create; we reflect His image to the world around us.


Bible Story: The Creator (Creation Story – Part 1) • Genesis 1:1-25

Bottom Line: God made everything.

Memory Verse: “How you made me is amazing and wonderful. I praise you for that.” Psalm 139:14, NIrV

Life App: Creativity—imagining what you could do because you’re made in God’s image.

Basic Truth: I can trust God no matter what.