Elementary School Virtue Brief April 23

April 23, 2017

Elementary School (Pass It On)

This week we head back to the book of Matthew. Now that Jesus was alive, the disciples would have thought that it was time for Jesus to become king, but that wasn’t God’s plan. Jesus gave them a new job: go and tell everyone about Jesus and be like Jesus was to the rest of the world. We get to continue the mission that Jesus gave His disciples all those years ago. When we choose to share Jesus’ love with others, we’re putting them first. We pray that kids will realize that they have an important role in God’s One Big Story.

Bible Story: Pass It On (The Great Commission/Ascension) • Mathew 28:16-20 (Supporting: Acts 1:6-11)

Bottom Line: I can put others first by doing what Jesus said.

Memory Verse: “Don’t do anything only to get ahead. Don’t do it because you are proud. Instead, be humble. Value others more than yourselves.” Philippians 2:3, NIrV

Life App: Humility—putting others first by giving up what you think you deserve.

Basic Truth: I should treat others the way I want to be treated.