Volunteer Spotlight: Donna Vigil


Volunteers are the backbone of Heritage, serving in countless ways to share the love of Christ with others!

Donna and her husband, Dan, are pillars in the community of Heritage. They lead a community group, and, additionally, Donna serves as a community group coach. She has been a reliable and effective resource in this area, encouraging and leading those who lead others. Through her experience battling cancer, the Lord led her to start a support group for others who have been touched by cancer. She faithfully facilitates Challenging Cancer, providing emotional and spiritual support during one of life’s greatest challenges.

By leading, encouraging, and instructing others, Donna uses her gifts to bless and build up the body!

Volunteering has blessed me with purpose, joy, new friends and a church family. Serve in the church and you will be abundantly blessed!



“Community is the foundation of Heritage Church. As a cancer survivor, God has called me to provide spiritual and emotional support to those whose lives have been affected by cancer.”


“The Cancer Support Group has inspired Brett Smith (survivor) to start a Nonprofit called ¬†Cancer Support Partners serving those with cancer in a practical way (meals, transportation etc).”