Sunday Sermon Discussion Guide

Heritage Christian Fellowship

Sermon Discussion Guide

Follow Me, Phil 2:1-11, Nov. 7, 2017


What stood out to you from Sunday’s message and why?


Is church about people, or is it about God?  Discuss.


How does a “consumer mentality” negatively affect churches?


Read the following verses:  Luke 5:27, John 10:27, John 12:26, Luke 9:23

-What does Jesus mean when He says, “Follow me”?

-How does following Jesus change over time? Like from the initial invitation, compared to 3 years later?

-In what ways have you grown spiritually since you first became a Christian?


Read Phil 1:1-11 from at least 2 translations.

-Why are verses 6-11 indented in some Bibles?

-How would you describe Jesus’ attitude (or “mind”)?

-What hinders you from having this same attitude in your life?

-When in your life do you most have that attitude?

-Why did God exalt Jesus? (v. 11)  Do you think this represents a principle? (that exaltation follows humble obedience)

-Why is “emptying yourself” or “making yourself nothing” such an important part of following Jesus?


Being fully devoted to following Jesus looks different for different people and circumstances. I’m in Cairo with Coptic Orthodox priests right now. What might full devotion look like to them in their lives? (study, prayer, teaching, rituals, holiness, etc.)

-Or put another way, If you were 100% sold out to Jesus, how would your life look different than it does now?


What habits and activities have helped you to grow spiritually?  Make a list.

-What were the 4 habits that Roger mentioned from the Willow Creek study?

-From your list, try to prioritize the most helpful growth habits, from most important to least important.

-What next steps is God wanting you to take to grow in Christ? (just 1-3)

-Are you willing to be held accountable to those steps? To whom?