By Tim Heinrich


Once again we meet here 

Looking you in the eyes

Believing all your lies

And buying all your handout compromise


Floating in a double-minded ocean

Tossed in wind and on waves in perpetual motion


I believe and I doubt

I’m safe, then out

Stand, then crumble

Hang on, and eventually fumble


It all feels so true, so real, like it’s just me

But then I begin to see


These winds and waves are illusions

Telling me that life is a bunch of forgone conclusions


As I look beyond my raft, I see a Rock looking at me

Competing for my attention, wind and waves increase intensity


But my eyes are know locked in on the Rock

He says to me

Step out

Faith in hand

Eyes on me


I trust Him

Follow His lead

My first step pressed into the sea

Finding a strong foothold, on His truth about me


My next step follows

Finding firm foundation

And I begin to walk

Building on the truths of my Rock and Salvation

God calls us to fear nothing outside of Him alone. Fear hinders us from stepping into the full life that He has prepared for us. The Israelites refused to take the promised land because of their fear, and as a result, that generation never entered the promised land. They never saw the destiny God had prepared in advance for them.

In many areas, I had been doing the same as the Israelites. Fear was holding me back from being an effective follower of Christ. Thankfully, the Lord unveiled my fear through close friends, and I began to seek God’s truths regarding my fear, reading them over myself daily. I also began approaching each area of my life without fear. In doing so, there were many situations where I was uncomfortable or the fear would try to come back, but in those moments I’d lean on God’s truth. In refusing to bow to the fear, I’d find myself doing things I’d never thought possible.  

In stepping out, I’d often find myself in situations where praying for someone didn’t result in the healing I expected, or offering help to a stranger in need resulted in rejection. I began to ask God why this was happening. God revealed that He is after my heart posture. He is looking for my faith and subsequent action to back up that faith. God takes responsibility for the outcome. 

If I have faith, it creates an opportunity for God to show up. If I have fear, then I shut the door for God to move.

It’s when we’re fearless and faithful that God can operate and shine bright in our lives. Know that in His Word, He’s provided truths to help you overcome your fears and enter into the fullness of life God has for you. Seek the Lord and He will answer you, delivering you from all your fears.  

Psalm 27:1 “The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the defense of my life, whom shall I dread?”

Tim Heinrich is an engineer by trade and an avid mountain biker. He and his family have been apart of Heritage for many years and he serves on the Sound/AV team.