Community Groups

The people you fellowship with on Sundays are not just acquaintances or fellow members of some club, they are family, people we "do life" with on a daily basis. We build that family in Community Groups.

Community In Quarantine

If you’re looking for community, many of our groups are continuing to meet over Zoom. We want to make sure you’re able to find connection and support during this potentially isolating time, so please reach out! Our Community Groups Pastor, Jared, would be happy to help you find a group that would be a good fit for you.

Groups run on a quarterly basis, starting every September, January, April and June, though some groups break for the summer.
Some groups are larger and some are smaller, but you’ll find our community groups to be warm and welcoming. To visit a group, contact the leader to verify the meeting time and location and then show up! 

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