This form is for those who are looking to utilize the facility, or promote an event or news item to the church, or both.

A Communications Request is required for appearance in the Sunday bulletin, email newsletter, on our website, through flyers, and in Sunday morning announcements. Distribution is subject to approval and dependent on space.

Facility Use Request is for any event held on the church premises and staff review and approval is required to ensure there aren’t any conflicts.

Facility Use & Communication Request
(ex every Thursday, or once a month)
Rooms Requested
Set Up Starts
Clean Up Finishes
What are your technical needs?
File Upload

Maximum file size: 134.22MB

All rooms must be left in good condition. As needed: vacuum, wipe down tables, move furniture back to its standard position, empty trash, clean carpet spills, etc.
Straighten and clean up bathrooms and lobby as needed.
Use either the rolling trashcan or the rolling trash bin to transport trash to the dumpster. This is to prevent liquid dripping from the trash bags in the building and parking lot.
No food or drink in the sanctuary.
No alcohol allowed on church grounds.
Only authorized Heritage representatives allowed in the sound booth.
Only authorized Heritage representatives are allowed to move sound equipment or clear the stage.
Please do not fasten anything to the walls without prior approval from a Heritage representative.
Please do not place tape on the carpet without prior approval from a Heritage representative. Only specific types of tape can be used.
Do not use glitter.
Do not drag furniture or chairs. It burns the carpet.
Prior approval required for use of candles. Type of candle used must conform to the Candle Policy as required by the Orange County Fire Authority.

First Aid kit is in the ushers closet in the lobby.

Applicant hereby agrees to hold Heritage Christian Fellowship, its Governing Board, the individual members thereof, and all church Officers, Agents, and Employees free and harmless from any loss, damage, liability or expense that may arise during or be caused in any way by use or occupancy of church property. The applicant agrees to furnish such liability or other insurance as the church requires.
I, the undersigned, hereby certify that I will be personally responsible on behalf of the applicant for any damages sustained to the church building, furniture, equipment or grounds accruing through the occupancy or use of said building/grounds by the applicant.
I hereby certify that I have read the rules, regulations, conditions and terms of this application, and that I, and the applicant that I represent will abide by them and will conform to all applicable laws and to all other directives to the church and its agents which may be communicated to the applicant.