1st & 2nd GRADE

Follow the devotional provided. When we return to regular Sunday school, kids will receive $5 Bible Bucks for every weekly memory verse they can recite.
May 22

Here are some tips for this week:

Talk with your child about when they feel scared or sad. Then come up with a couple of different, simple prayers that they can pray in that time. Ask them to pray those prayers and see what happens. For example:

  • I have freedom in the name of Jesus.
  • God loves and protects me always, Amen!
  • I have peace in the name of Jesus.
  • Holy Spirit, let me feel your presence and love.
  • I am a perfectly loved child of God.
  • Stop once a day at a random time and pray out loud with your child and say/ask: “Lord God, where are you right now?” and listen for an answer.
  • Thank Jesus for always being with us.