Sunday Sermon Discussion Guide

Sermon Discussion Guide

The Beatitudes
Speaker: Hyatt Moore
March 11, 2018

Here are some discussion questions from the Beatitudes talk. (Participants can respond to all or some.)
1. In Matthew’s gospel, the Beatitudes of Jesus are virtually the first teachings imparted to the disciples. Why would they be positioned at such a high level of importance?
2. What does Jesus mean when he uses the word, “blessed?”
 3. Why would Jesus have put so much emphasis on “the kingdom of God?”
 4. What is your favorite Beatitude and why?
5. In the first service I overlooked a description of “meek,” one of my favorites.  It means an equanimity of spirit . . . not concerned with self.  As with all the others, it’s a “state of grace” . . . something the spirit of man does not incline to naturally.  Jesus was often described as “meek,” yet he was the epitome of “power under control,” even controlling the elements of nature.  He accepted all things as from God, even his great pain.  (Something not mentioned yesterday:  Among the attributes Hitler loathed most about Christian teaching was that of meekness, so antithetical to his ideal of the master race.)  How does all this fit with your own thinking about meekness?
Extra:  On the creative process, does God download the whole “vision” complete with our role to “see it and duplicate it?”  Or does He rather expect us to grapple with ideas, to try and fail, to learn and go on?  How much of it is “natural” and how much is “supernatural?”