Build A Church

Go and make disciples of all nations.

Matt. 28:19

In October, 2017, Heritage began supporting 50 full time Indian national missionaries in a district of India. This district is remote with a population of over three million people and home to approximately 200 unreached tribal groups.
Heritage is partnering to plant 150 new churches this year. Since beginning our partnership, our partner pastors have planted 94 new churches, reaching 1,263 people with the love of Jesus in villages throughout the district.
When a new house church grows to 15-20 people they’re encouraged to build a simple church facility to establish their public presence in the village and provide a common place for the people to come to experience Christ. This helps the church to grow and become transformational in the community.
So far, 44 churches have received land donations and are ready to build. For a $500 investment, the local church members will match our funds and construct the church facility. Our partners there will support the process by providing tools and resources to accelerate the work of the church.
Our partner pastors will eventually need 150 new church buildings, but at this time our goal is to fund 44 new church buildings at $500 each.


Please prayerfully consider giving $500 to fund a new building, or partner with friends or your Community Group to build several!
Make checks payable to Heritage Christian Fellowship or you can give  here or on our church app.