Overflow Student Ministries

Amazing People

Awesome adventures

Incredible Friendships

Exploring New Horizons

Missions around the world

Grades 6 – 12 meet every Wednesday Night from 7 to 9 pm

Pizza, soda, and Snacks are provided for approximately $1 each every week before service!

It is our desire to reach people with amazing Love and Salvation that only comes from Jesus.  To raise up a generation of powerful SAINTS that understand their Identity in Christ. To Create a culture where the Love of God is felt, the power of God is displayed, the children of God are worshipping in the Spirit and reaching out and representing Jesus well.

Overflow Youth ministry is full of adventure.  We are always on the go, exploring new horizons with amazing people, incredible friendships and awesome adventures.

Sept 13th we will start a new six week series about everyone’s favorite topic – SEX!  Middle School and High School will both be teaching the same material but in separate rooms.  get more information from moralrevolution.com.

Watch video from Road Trip “Relentless”

Young Saints Conference is coming soon!

Oct 20-22  total $175 plus food

We will spend the night on Oct 19th at Heritage because we leave at 4:30 am.  Yes, thats right, you get to miss school.  Obviously only if your grades are where they are supposed to be

Bethel worship team will be leading epic worship sessions with


Only 28 tickets for students available.  First come, first serve basis.  A deposit of $75 gets you a ticket.


We stay busy all year having fun and enjoying God’s presence. We have 4 or 5 major events throughout the year and something going on every month.  For a detailed list of upcoming events and further details click on the button below


All students need to fill out a Medical Release Form in order to participate in youth events occurring outside of Heritage grounds. Forms can be downloaded and printed using the above link. Please turn in a complete form each year to the youth office.